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Hiveworks Comics is a creator-owned comics and graphic novel publisher focused on free to read webcomics. We publish comics like SMBC, Stand Still Stay Silent, Sister Claire and Namesake.

Hiveworks Comics is a creator-owned comics and graphic novel publisher focused on free to read webcomics.

Launched at the end of 2011, Hiveworks began as a cooperation between longtime webcomic creators Erin Burt, Chloé C, Isabelle Melançon, Megan Lavey-Heaton, Yamino, and Chris Hazelton, and run by internet enthusiast Joseph Stillwell.

In 2013, Hiveworks Comics launched Blindsprings by Kadi Fedoruk, its first completely produced and page-rate paid graphic novel. Followed by Mary Cagle’s Sleepless Domain in 2015, and Audrey Redpath and Kelly and Nichole Matthews’ Symbol in 2016, Isabelle Melancon’s editorial vision shaped Hive’s small Originals line.

Primarily an online operation with creators all around the world, Hiveworks found its official home in Portland, OR in 2015.

In late 2016, imprint and partner Mary’s Monster was announced under the creative direction of Audrey Redpath and Isabelle Melançon as a genre and narrative focused line of new webcomics.

An internet company as well as a publisher, Hiveworks works to develop tools and resources for the webcomic industry. Hive operates its own internal advertising network, optimized to share readership across many comics and use the existing lineup of comics’ millions of readers to support creators. Additionally, Hive helps fund and develop Erin Burt’s proprietary ComicControl CMS - a once-exclusive and soon to be open and free publishing system for webcomic creators.

Who runs Hiveworks?

Hiveworks Comics is currently run by a team of four directors: Isabelle Melançon, Audrey Redpath, Erin Burt, and Joseph Stillwell. You can learn more about our team here.

Where can I buy Hiveworks graphic novels and issues?

Most merchandise for the comics we publish is available online at our store Hivemill, individual comic storefronts, and in limited qualities at local bookstores around the US and Canada. If you’re a bookstore owner, teacher, or a library acquisitions director, your can order our books at retailer prices and quantities by emailing We have resources for educators and curators on request. We do some library donations every year, and accept inquiries throughout.

How are comics rated?

To help out retailers and readers, we use a modified version of the comic rating scale introduced by DC in 2011. Ratings are applied by Hive in cooperation with the creators and are just to help readers and retailers sort through comics fitting their interests!

E – EVERYONE (appropriate for all ages, may contain cartoon violence)

T – TEEN (recommended for readers age 12 and up; may contain mild violence and/or profanity)

YA - YOUNG ADULT (recommended for readers age 16 and up; may contain moderate violence, moderate profanity use and suggestive themes)

M – MATURE (recommended for readers age 18 and up; may contain nudity, excessive violence and other content not suitable for minors)

Are you taking submissions from new artists and writers?

Yes, check out our submissions guidelines. We do not take on independent projects with an incomplete team - if you need a writer or an artist for your comic, you’ll need to find them before submitting.