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Hiveworks Comics is a creator-owned comics and graphic novel publisher focused on free to read webcomics. We publish comics like SMBC, Stand Still Stay Silent, Sister Claire and Namesake.

JOSEPH STILLWELL{twitter}{back to top}

Joseph Stillwell is the owner of Hiveworks Comics, as well as the director of marketing and strategy. He also helps run Slipshine, Sparkler Monthly, and Pixie Trix Comics. His vision is to help webcomics reach users all over the world.

ISABELLE MELANÇON{twitter}{tumblr}{read comic}{patreon}{instagram}{back to top}

Isabelle Melançon is a French Canadian artist and co-author of the fantasy webcomic Namesake. She is Director of Operations and lead editor at Hiveworks, which means that she handles Hiveworks' day-to-day administration and accounting. Isabelle is obsessed with ink, fairy tales, and cover design. She spends way too much time with Excel.

ERIN BURT{twitter}{tumblr}{read comic}{personal site}{back to top}

Erin Burt is a general multitasker hailing from Houston, Texas. She is Lead Tech at Hiveworks, where she keeps the code mostly in line, despite its best efforts to overturn Erin's dictatorial strangehold. Erin also writes and draws her own comics on the side, with her main project being Metacarpolis. She can also shred the cello, play Dark Souls pretty good, and spin pens (but only counterclockwise).

MEGAN LAVEY-HEATON{twitter}{tumblr}{read comic}{personal site}{back to top}

Megan Lavey-Heaton is a writer that found herself in Pennsylvania. She is co-author of Namesake and does book design and small print fulfillment for Hiveworks. She is a voracious bibliophile, loves twisting history and literature to suit her needs, and is an unashamed fangirl of many things.

KISAI YUKI{twitter}{personal site}{back to top}

Kisai is the Systems Administer for Hiveworks, Pixietrix Comix, and Slipshine. Kisai spends any free time playing vintage PC/console games or FFXIV.

KEVIN WILSON{twitter}{personal site}{back to top}

Kevin Wilson is a designer and artist living in Portland, OR. Lead designer of Hiveworks, he works to make sure all the artists have sites that make their comics shine.

BECCA SCOBLE{twitter}{tumblr}{back to top}

Rebecca Scoble is an editor, audio director, co-founder of Sparkler Monthly Magazine, longtime manga rewriter, and ex-comic store manager. At Hiveworks, she specializes in running Kickstarters and copyediting comic scripts. She has embarrassingly strong opinions about punctuation. Don't even ask.

TAYLOR ROBIN{twitter}{tumblr}{read comic}{personal site}{back to top}

Taylor Robin is an administrative assistant, and creator of the fantasy webcomic Never Satisfied. If Audrey is Hiveworks' right hand, Taylor is the right foot. She helps out with the odd jobs when she's not drawing and eating comics.


There are no positions available currently. When jobs become available, we’ll post information here and on our blog.