Comics Portal Hiveworks announces 12 million users in January

Posted 2015-02-24 11:49

(Article published on The Beat)

According to a news blast they just sent out, Hiveworks, a digital comics portal, had 12,000,000 users in January—last year it had a total of 65,000,000, so it’s on track for a lot of growth. But what kind of growth? According to their about page, “Hiveworks is a creator owned publisher and studio that helps webcomic and online media creators turn their creative endeavors into sustainable businesses. We serve as mentors and as a home for many comics.”

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Hivemill is now OPEN!

Posted 2014-12-08 4:28

Hiveworks’ store, the HIVEMILL, is now OPEN!

Check out the superb high-quality prints our artists have prepared for the occasion! The store will be home to prints, posters, books and other products decorated with gorgeous art from your favorite webcomics! New products will be added on a monthly basis.


Visit the store!

Welcome to our new members!

Posted 2014-10-02 12:45

We would like to officially welcome the following members and affiliates that joined Hiveworks over the course of the Summer. Our new members are the extremely talented creators of Harpy Gee, Balderdash, Cassiopeia Quinn, Channelate, Zombie Roomie and Parallax. Our new affiliates are the amazing creators of Boozle, Last Nerds on Earth and Star Trip.

We also invite everyone to go check out the Stand Still Stay Silent book 1 Indigogo print drive! After all, who doesn't want a 200-page long, extremely detailed, post apocalyptic Nordic adventure comic book to treasure forever? Check it out here! The drive ends on October 22nd.

Wrapping up the Kickstarters

Posted 2014-06-22 2:27

 Hey everyone! 

The long and arduous journey of the Kickstarters is coming to an end. The final Hivework kickstarter for the comic The End will soon be completed. The book is on its way to the presses this week. If you have backed that Kickstarter, you will see today a Kickstarter update by the comic's artist featuring some superb art go up today.

Completing the Kickstarters was a big job. Pretty much everything that could go wrong went wrong.  But as a company we have learned enormously, found some new amazing staff members thanks to this ordeal , and have grown into an organization that is now able to offer excellent  products and services to both our creators and their readers.

Hiveworks wants to thank once more EVERYONE who waited patiently, supported us and helped us, along  with the creators (who have also been incredibly patient and wonderful themselves) at every step of the way. Here's our awesome readers and creators, and a iron clad promise that the second books are going to go considerably faster.

New layout + news section

Posted 2013-01-01 1:22

Hey everyone!  This is your friendly neighborhood Hiveworks tech speaking!  You may have noticed that there is brand new sparkly layout going on on our hub.  We've revamped the layout to make it a bit more cohesive, and we've also added this news section to let you know important news from our creators.  We will also be announcing any joint convention dates here where Hiveworks will be appearing in force, as well as updates on new products in our store.

Be sure to check out our latest additions : The adventurous comic Tove (by Severin Piehl) and the romantic Love not found by Gina Biggs.

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