What is Hiveworks?

Hiveworks is a creator owned publisher and studio that helps webcomic and online media creators turn their creative endeavors into sustainable businesses. We serve as mentors and as a home for many comics.

How does Hiveworks work?

Audience is the greatest resource a webcomic creator has. Hiveworks assists creators in making their webcomic more sustainable by increasing the comic's readership through ads and network websites while managing ads on the comic's site to generate revenue. Simply by visiting comics on our network, the readers are supporting the creators of those comics.

We also offer other services such as help with Kickstarters, book design, merchandising, hosting, web design, an online store and convention attendance. Many veteran creators don't require those services, but our team is always at the ready in case one of our members or affiliates needs a hand.

Hiveworks does not own or control the comics' content in any way. We are akin to a team of assistants. Hiveworks sustains itself with a share of ad and merchandising profits. All other profits are redistributed to the artists and re-invested into Hiveworks.

Hiveworks Team

Hiveworks was founded in late 2011 by Joseph "Jojo" Stillwell. Since then, we have teamed up with the best artists we could find to turn Hiveworks a supportive collective. Joseph works closely with our techs, Erin Burt and Kisai, Co-Ceo Isabelle Melançon, and several other members to develop and administer Hiveworks.

Creators working with Hiveworks are divided among three ranks : members, custom members, and affiliates. Members have long-term contracts and access to all our services. Custom Members have special contracts shaped to their needs for a specific comic. Affiliates are smaller and shorter comics and have access to a limited array of services.